Monday, June 20, 2011

David and Jonathan

While he is developing his relationship with Gage, Zach also reaches out to the gay community for support as he prepares to come out to his mother and family.  Two friends he relies on are the couple David and Jonathan...

This duo is meant to be an allusion to the biblical slash love-story... though is does mix events: sharing in both Jonathan and Bathsheba's story arcs.   David was dating a girl when he saw Jon one day playing a piano and singing in a school practice room.  David stopped by and listened, then went in a spoke with Jon.  It was a true case of love at first sight.  Though neither of them was out, they began a clandestine romance that moved much faster than David's other relationship.  Eventually, she caught them snogging and a rather heated break-up ensued.  The girl was devastated.

Around the same time, Jon's parents start to suspect that this boy, David, is more than just their son's friend.  Jon's father tries to sabotage their relationship by being exceedingly rude and hostile towards David.  David and Jon persevere until one day Jon collapses (from an onset of diabetes) in front of his mother and David.  David's adept reaction to the collapse saves Jon's life.  Jon's father enters the ER and sees David standing over Jon, holding his hand.  His wife tells him that the doctors say David saved Jon and the father has a change of heart.

Jon recovers and is fitted for life with type-II diabetes.  David stays by his side and the two become practically married.  They face problems as the two come out together, openly to the school and friends.  But nothing comes between the two.  David's family is surprised at the news of their son and brother being gay... but they are supportive and happy for the pair.

Zach has in them role-models and friends.  They are first to spot that he's got a "troubled long-distance relationship" (they think he fell in love with an illegal who was deported) and help him to survive until Gage returns.

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